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Investment Planning

This is the engine that drives any financial plan and a key step in establishing the correct strategy is to assess your attitude to financial risk. How much risk are you comfortable with? How would any downturn impact you? Do you even need to take any risk? Understanding these answers is very important as it helps us put together an asset allocated portfolio of investments for you, thereby matching your underlying investments with the risk you think you are comfortable taking.

But having set up a risk appropriate portfolio, the key to ongoing planning is to keep this appropriateness under review.

Therefore on a monthly basis we review any funds recommended in Beckford James portfolios and if any of the underlying funds underperform, we will make appropriate recommendations to move from the underperforming fund to a more appropriate fund, importantly at no additional charge to you.

Your portfolio will perform in line with underlying financial market conditions. This means that your portfolio will move ‘out of kilter’ with your agreed risk asset allocation. Consequently every quarter we re-align your portfolio back to your agreed risk. This is also a good discipline of taking some profit from the out-performing funds at the top and buying any under-performing funds at a lower price.

This is just part of the ongoing service you will enjoy.