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Pension & Retirement Planning

After buying your own home, planning for retirement is probably the single most important area of financial planning you will ever do.

Unfortunately this usually comprises of receiving the annual pension statement from your pension provider or employer and then filing it away without ever really understanding what it is or how ultimately it will affect your future.

At Beckford James we understand this and work alongside our clients to help them to work towards the retirement they want.

We believe it is never too early to target what you need for retirement. Undoubtedly this figure will change over time but by the use of our modelling tools, we can keep your plan on track, even with your potential changes to your income, personal aspirations or the financial environment.

To start with we provide a free pension review:

If you haven’t started any pension planning as yet, we will help you understand how to begin.

If you have:

  • Firstly we obtain details of your current pension providers and get your written permission to approach them for information on your behalf.
  • We collate the current information from all your pension providers.
  • We then have an in depth discussion with you to begin to clarify your future financial needs and crucially your attitude to financial risk.
  • We then overlay this information on top of your current pension provision to provide us with an understanding of what you could currently expect in retirement.
  • We then report back to you to discuss our findings.

If you would like to benefit from this review please either contact us on 01225 437600 or complete the letter of authority and return it to us by post to: Queen Square House, Queen Square Place, Bath, BA1 2LL or email it to