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Personal Financial Planning

Financial Independence; this is often seen simply as retirement, but for many a primary goal in life is to be financially secure following the end of their working career. So when do you know if you have enough? Put simply, financial independence requires financial planning.


The importance of a strategic financial plan.

Few of us set off on a long journey without keying into our satnav or checking the traffic reports. Financial planning is no different. You are most likely to arrive where you want to be if you have planned and monitored your “journey” along the way.

Financial situations change and the use of planning tools allow you to visualize your financial future, test different scenarios and importantly, understand the impact of key decisions before they are finalised.

It starts with building a financial plan: what do you currently have and what will you need in the future? Mapping out income and expenditure along with assets and liabilities allows us to show you visually what you have and where you are heading financially. This will tell us both if there is more that needs to be done such as saving more, taking more risk, taking less risk etc. We can also model “what if” scenarios, visualizing the impact of various scenarios or decisions on the current trajectory.

Cash flow analysis is a very useful tool which enables us to plan for a number of different possible outcomes. Whether you are planning to help your children start out on the property ladder, are working towards your own retirement, or considering the possibility of funding later life care, we can help you to have the confidence to make informed decisions.