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Tax & Estate Planning

Tax avoidance? Tax evasion? These stories are regularly in the news but there is still a lot of legitimate planning you can undertake to organize your own affairs as efficiently as possible.

Tax and Estate Planning is an essential part of any financial journey and understanding how your assets will be taxed and how you can pass them on to your beneficiaries without paying unnecessary tax, are all important considerations.

Just as no two scenarios are the same, nor are any two solutions. At Beckford James our planners can consider a range of options such as the use of trusts, of a deed of variation, investing in assets qualifying for Business Relief, insuring using a whole of life plan and of course, the implications of gifting can be modelled into your financial plan.

Alternative tax strategies can also be considered whether it is understanding the interactions of Lifetime and Annual Allowance for pension tax relief or the generous income and capital gains reliefs that can be available for VCT & EIS Investors.