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Family & Matrimonial

Our Resolution affiliated specialists advise on the wide variety of financial issues that can arise on the breakdown of a relationship, including those related to asset splitting and pensions.

Our specialists have many years’ experience of dealing with a wide variety of cases. In addition to our technical expertise, we will aim to deal with clients in an appropriate and sensitive manner. We can advise both petitioners and claimants and are experienced in working alongside their legal representatives.

We welcome the opportunity to get involved with matrimonial lawyers at the earliest possible point so that we are able to evaluate the client’s situation and provide an overview of the advice we are able to offer before, during and after the divorce process.

Our services include:

  • Reviewing financial information.
  • Advising on collaborative settlements.
  • Pension Planning including advising on pension sharing, pensions splitting and earmarking.
  • Protection of Maintenance Orders.
  • Lifetime Cash Flow Analysis.
  • Investment Management post settlement.