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Personal Injury & Clinical Negligence

Our team has a deep seated knowledge combined with many years’ experience of dealing with this highly specialist area. We are able to advise on a variety of settlements resulting from catastrophic injuries, and can provide assistance to you, your clients or their legal representatives (such as Court appointed deputies or trustees).

Our services include:

  • Periodical Payment Suitability Assessments –
    We will analyse and comment on the suitability of periodical payments versus a lump sum award and provide evidence for Court of where a combination might be appropriate, taking into account the claimant’s needs and preferences.
  • Lifetime financial planning for claimants –
    We provide cash flow analysis so that a claimant and/or their deputies/ representatives can tailor an appropriate investment strategy to ensure the funds last for as long as possible and that the level of investment risk that is clearly understood and agreed.
  • Investment management services for claimants and/or their representatives –
    We treat each client individually and have a wide number of investment solutions available so that we can apply a bespoke and personalised solution, as opposed to a “one size fits all” approach. We will provide detailed and transparent information online for the claimant or their representatives, and carry out a detailed review on a regular basis.