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Welcome to Beckford James

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic and government advice, we have now closed our offices and are implementing a work from home model. To this end please feel free to call our switchboard (01225 437600) as normal and your call will be put through. Alternatively, emails are being responded to by all advisers and support staff. Please bear with us if there is a slightly longer delay than normal in answering.

With regard to portfolios and investments, these are naturally worrying times but we would restate our conviction that we are witnessing a short term market reaction which will correct itself in due course. To leave you with a couple of recent quotes: “ In the near to medium term it is important to remember that if you are getting unduly bearish, you are fighting the Fed and nearly every central bank and government in the world along with the single-minded dedication of various health care professional and scientists to find a cure/vaccine.  Think hard and rationally about your odds!” Followed by a core tenet of the investment philosophy of one of the most successful investment managers – ‘The most money in equity markets is made when things go from bad to less bad’.

Planning for life’s financial journey and financial independence.

We are a Chartered firm of Independent Financial Planners.

Financial Planning begins by working out what’s important to you in life and how to plan your finances accordingly.

Independent means that we work unrestrictedly across the whole market to find the most appropriate solutions for your needs.

Our chartered status is a reflection of our commitment to professionalism, ethics and learning, all of which translate into high quality financial planning. The majority of our planners are chartered, with newer members on the journey to attain the higher level qualification.